Rice Purity Test

Imagine yourself white and fluffy? Or are you proud that you are a walking depravity? In any case, people tend to make mistakes about themselves. So we're here with our next test, which will reveal how things really are! Based on your own answers, you can find out how dirty or clean your past is and how dirty you are.

What is Rice Purity Test?

The rice purity test is to see how pure you are. He deducts points for the activities performed. It has 100 questions and the lower the score you get, the more things you have done and the less pure you are.

The rice purity test is a questionnaire of 100 questions related to violations, education, society and your personal life for boys and girls.

In other words, the rice purity test is also considered an innocence test. It is developed by the RicePurityTests team to support the assessment of a person's purity. Moreover, the range varies from 0 to 100. In addition, 100 is the maximum score, while 0 is the lowest score or the most minor purity.

In 1924, the first rice purity test was taken into consideration and mainly given to women. It contains questions such as - have you ever been drunk? Have you ever cheated? The rice purity test has a fascinating history and has been going on for almost 95 years. The main motive of the test is to help the student take new steps in university life and create good connections with peers.

A rice purity test is a series of 100 questions in the form of a self-directed survey that attempts to assess a person's innocence by asking questions related to drugs, alcohol, sex, the law, and other mischievous activities. Examples of questions include whether you've ever been in a relationship, whether you've ever had oral sex, run away from the police, etc. Have you ever paid or received money for sexual intercourse).

It will show you your results as a percentage of 0 to 100, where 0 is the least clean and 100 is the cleanest. The purpose of creating a rice purity test was to test the maturity of students so that they could comfortably communicate with high school.

As I mentioned earlier, it's easy to pass a rice purity test and feel bad about not having as low a score as his friends. There's no shame in practicing abstinence for any reason, and there's no shame in waiting for the right person to have your first kiss and lose your virginity.

The rice purity test is just for fun; Don't take it too seriously! Personally, I like to do quizzes when I'm bored, and the rice purity test is a good quiz to learn more about where you stand on the innocence and purity scale. If you take it with your partner or friend, you may even be able to learn something new about them that you didn't know before, or vice versa!

Have you ever taken a rice purity test? Are you going to take the rice purity test again because of pure boredom? Share your experience with your friends!